Who are Virtue Fusion

Virtue fusion is one of the main online Bingo providers and the provider of choice for many of the well known bookmakers. William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and many others all use Virtue Fusion to power their bingo.

 Virtue Fusion sign up bonuses

It’s important to note that where a company offers both bingo and a sportsbook bonus you can normally do the sportsbook bonus then the bingo bonus but often not visa versa, we’d therefore recommend using the sport bonus first, click here for more information on playing sportsbook bonuses.


Virtue fusion bonuses vary site to site, they are generally 100-300% of your deposit amount and have a wagering requirement of 1-4 times the bonus amount. The way they can be played makes them low risk and also low variance this makes them an ideal starting point for people wanting to start beating bingo.

 How to play Virtue Fusion sign up bonuses

You could use the treble up technique but our preference is to play Lucky Numbers Bingo as it’s significantly more profitable and lower variance. All Virtue Fusion sites offer Lucky Numbers.

Playing Lucky Numbers in a specific way results in Virtue Fusion having about a 6% advantage over the player and we can use this to both make bonuses profitable and calculate the average profitability of each bingo bonus.

Remember you can’t predict the actual profit from a bonus as that varies, but if you played an infinite number of offers this would be the average result.

If you’re interested in the detail behind the 6% calculation please check out our page, calculating the House edge of Lucky Numbers

We’ll use a conservative scenario of a 100% bonus (often much higher) and a 4 x WR (often much lower) to calculate the value of a £50 bonus.

Deposit: £50

Bonus – £50

Losses on meeting WR – £50 x 4 x 6% = £12 Overall profit £38

What is the Lucky Numbers approach

One of the big bingo companies, Virtue Fusion, offers a bingo game called Lucky numbers which can be played profitably using a simple technique which involves a small spend on lots of games. This  significantly reduces the variance and also makes it extremely profitable and popular especially with those just starting to beat bingo.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky numbers bingo has a side game where you can choose (or be randomly given) 3 lucky numbers at the start of each game.

If the winner of 1 lines, 2 lines or full house gets there win with one of your lucky numbers you get a bonus. The bonus amounts never change, you always get £1 if you match 1 lucky number, £15 if you match 2 and £300 if you match all 3.

Lucky Numbers - Example
Our Lucky Numbers on the left Lucky Numbers Jackpots on the Right


The lucky numbers strategy involves using these lucky numbers to breakeven with the occasional bingo win or matching 2 or even 3 lucky numbers to guarantee a profit. The key with lucky numbers is you want to spend as little as possible to get your lucky numbers, this is generally 6 tickets (minimum you can purchase) at 5p each (minimum price) costing you 30p.

As long as the bonus is at least 100% of deposit (it’s often even higher) and the Wager Requirement is less than 6 x Bonus (it almost always is!) you are almost guaranteed a profit from spending it all on Lucky Numbers 6 tickets at 5p each at a time, all you have to do is keep buying tickets until the bonus requirements are met, you can then withdraw all your winnings.

You could purchase these tickets ‘game by game’ but at 30p per game this would take a long time, fortunately Virtue Fusion has an Advance Purchase Section so you can bulk purchase tickets. This can be a little tricky to find at first. You’re looking for the “SCHEDULE” Button (normally at the top of the screen) to open the advance purchase section.

You then want to set the following:

Advanced Search – Lucky Numbers Bingo

Day – All

Next Hour – Change to All

Maximum Ticket Price – 0.05


Click Search and you should get a list similar to below.

Lucky Numbers Advanced Search2

Click on the check box’s on the right hand side to select games you want to buy tickets for (i.e. all of them), scroll down to see the bottom half and do the same, then click “Purchase”, you’ll get a prompt asking if you’re sure you want to purchase the tickets.


Lucky Numbers purchase

If you’re buying tickets for all games make sure it says 120 tickets for £6.00

You can now click to the next page and repeat the process until you’ve spent all your Bonus.

Depending on the wagering requirements and terms and conditions your winnings will either go into your cash balance or your bingo bonus balance. If they go into your cash balance that means they are available to withdraw, note that if you have any bonus balance this will be forfeit when you withdraw your cash.

If winnings go into the bonus balance it means there is further wagering required, just follow the same process and keep repeating until you meet the WR. Once the WR is met you will get a popup appear saying your cash balance has been credited with your remaining bingo bonus.

How to withdraw from Virtue Fusion

Virtue Fusion sites split your funds between a Cash balance and a Bingo balance. The sites vary with some taking funds from bonus balance first, while others take cash balance first. This doesn’t matter for the Lucky Numbers approach as we’re planning to meet the wagering requirement. Once the wagering requirement is met all bonus funds will be transferred to your cash balance and can be withdrawn.

On occasion you may end up doing an offer which generates a significant cash balance while you’ve still got a bonus balance. If this happens you can always withdraw the cash and sacrifice the bonus.

How to find out how much wagering is left?

Click the little “i” next to your bonus funds to find out how much wagering is left to complete the bonus.

Virtue Fusion Bonus detailsClick on more details to be taken to your account.

In your account, click on “My Bonus funds”, select the date it was first awarded and bonus status of “All” to see a list of bonuses.

Click on the “i” next to the awarded bonus to see how much Wagering is left to meet the bonus wager requirements.



There are a couple of Virtue Fusion sites that have started restricting Lucky Numbers to cash only, if you come across a site like this, the bonus can probably still be played profitably using the treble up approach.

Lucky Numbers Cash Only



 Where do I start?

Try out the Lucky Numbers technique at my favourite sites below and you’ll generate a healthy profit

  1. Gala Bingo
  2. Fabulous Bingo
  3. Betfred Bingo
  4. Mecca Bingo
  5. Bingo.com
  6. Sky Bingo
  7. Bucky Bingo
  8. William Hill Bingo
  9. Betfair Bingo






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