The Treble Up technique

For both 15network and Cassava I recommend an approach called the treble up approach where I advocate putting your deposit on a roulette treble up. If it wins then you withdraw and if it loses you play the bingo bonus.

For more information check this out.

But Roulette is not exactly a 1/3 chance


I’m aware that this approach is a simplification. This post will dive into the treble up approach in more detail for those who are interested (For those who arn’t interested in the detail, feel free to just trust that it works!)

The 0 on the roulette wheel means that the odds of the ball landing on 1 of 12 numbers is not 1 in 3 but 12/37.


Let’s delve into this in more detail. Imagine you bet £20 on a treble up 37 times (once for each number on a roulette table), statistically you’d expect:

12 times to win at roulette (12 x £40 = +£480)

25 times to lose at roulette (25 x £20 = -£500)


So overall we lose £20from completing 37 treble ups.

So I lose money from the treble up approach?

Roulette is only the first part of the treble up approach, everytime we lose at roulette we ‘gain’ a bingo bonus to play with, the bonus size can be anything up to 400% but for the purposes of this we’ll work on the more typical 100% bonus.

This means the 25 roulette ‘losses’ yield 25 x £20 = £500 bingo bonuses.


£500 Profit!?

£500 of bingo bonuses is great but it’s a long way being pure profit.

Bingo typically has a high House edge (HE) meaning we can expect to lose 10-50% of all

money that we spend on Bingo.

Spending £500 and assuming a 25% HE we can expect to lose £125 of the bingo bonus money


Overall from the 27 offers this gives the following

Roulette Winnings – +£480

Roulette losses – -£500

Bingo bonus winnings – £375

Overall: +£350 (as we did 37 bonuses this is approximately £10 per bonus)

With practice bingo bonuses can be done extremely quickly. Often a compete bonus can be done in 10-15mins. £40-50/hr is not bad for playing roulette and bingo at home).


What next?

Hopefully it’s now clear to you just how profitable the treble up approach can be. If you want to give it a go check out one of our favourite treble up offers


We’ve intentionally not talked about variance until this point. It’s perfectly possible to lose or win 10 (or even more) roulette spins in a row, this means unlike bookmakers you don’t guarantee profit from every bonus.

Bingo is also high variance due to the potential to win large amounts in some games. You need to ensure you have the bankroll to take a few losses if you want to play bingo as it’s not unusual to be £100 down from bonuses but then get a few hundred pound win.

Don’t let this put you off though, Bingo is my biggest earner and the treble up technique my main approach.



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