October 2016 Warning

It appears that 15network have changed their T&C’s over the weekend. They’ve implemented a separate Bingo Bonus wallet from the cash wallet, more importantly Bingo bonus winnings now go into the bonus wallet until the 4x WR is complete (previously it went into cash).

This means the offers are significantly less profitable. I still believe they’re profitable if played using the larger jackpot games but these naturally introduce more variance. I’m still experimenting ad seeking feedback from others. Once received I’ll look to quantify this in more detail. For now I’d recommend being careful especially if you have a limited bankroll

Who are 15network?

15network is one of the newer bingo companies who are expanding fast, they currently the software behind over 20 sites who all offer good bonuses, a good variety of casino and Bingo games. They never offer cash back so it’s worth just taking the sign up bonuses that are advertised here (link to bingo offers page)

 15network Sign Up Bonuses

15network sign up bonuses are generally somewhere between 100-200% of deposited amount and can be played with the treble up technique however you do need to be aware of the table limits on roulette.

The Roulette treble up

The maximum that can be bet on roulette at any one time is £25 and they will only let you put £15 on a straight treble up (you can bet on individual numbers to increase this), for this reason I recommend following the approach of depositing £20,placing £1 on 12 different individual numbers (£2 is maximum on each individual number) covering 1/3 of the board then putting the remaining £8 on the treble up.


15network roulette treble up2

If 1 of your numbers wins you get:

£8 x 3 = £24

£1 x 36 = £36

Total = £60

This enables you to work around the table limits to do a £20 treble up.

If the treble up wins you can withdraw and sacrifice the bonus, if it loses you have a £20-40 bingo bonus to play with.

To find roulette, click on View all Games in the top right of the Bingo lobby, then click on Table instants / Casino games (it varies by site), you should then be able to see Roulette:

15network how to find roulette

Playing the bingo bonus

15network does not have any specific wager requirement attached to the bonus. Instead they operate a process whereby bingo tickets are bought from cash first and only from Bingo bonuses when no cash remains. Bingo winnings always go straight into cash.

If you had a £20 bingo bonus and spent £1 on bingo tickets which then won you another £20 you would have a balance of £39 (£19 bonus and £20 cash) but the only way to use the bingo bonus would be to lose all your cash (all withdrawals remove the bonus). This means for 15network you ideally want to spend all your bingo bonus before any of your games finish so that it’s all spent before any winnings are credited to your account.

For this reason you want to try and spend all your Bonus balance (to get it to zero) before you win any cash. The best way to do this is to spend the Bingo balance as fast as you can before any of the games you’ve bought tickets for finish.

What Bingo games are available at 15network?

15Network does have an Auto buy option, this automatically purchases tickets a game at a time, using cash first followed by any bonus balance. This is no help when beating bingo.

15network does have jackpot games but these only allow cash not bingo bonus to be used to buy tickets, – the exception is the Newbies jackpot game that we’ll come onto shortly

This leaves you with finding 75 and 90 ball games (you can’t spend Bonus funds on Video Bingo) to spend the full bonus before any of them finish. This is fairly straight forward if you are quick to move between bingo games and start with the one that starts soonest, but if you have a £30+ bonus I’d recommend waiting until there is a £1+ per ticket game as this is the easiest way to spend all your bonus.

15network does limit the amount of bonus funds that can be spent in some games (especially when there are few players), if this happens you should try reducing the number of tickets you want to buy or come back when it’s busier (i.e. in the evenings).

15network in the morning

The one exception to this is with sites that offer a newbies jackpot, you can often spend £20 on tickets for this game which is only open to players that have been registered less than a week, it has £500 of jackpot winnings split across 1 line, 2 lines and full house. These can be a great game to play as the jackpot is fixed and the same amount whether 1 person of 100 people play them. If there are a low number of players these can be +EV even without a bonus.

Once you’ve spent all the bingo bonus, wait for the games to finish then withdraw any winnings.

Spin the wheel

Spin the wheel for bingo bonus
Spin the wheel for bingo bonus

Most 15network sites offer the opportunity to ‘spin the wheel’ if you deposit £20+ after signing up. This is well worth doing as you always win £5-£2,500 bingo bonus. Normally you will win £10 but occasionally it will be more.

Once you’ve made the required deposit you can spin the wheel at any time. We recommend you wait until you’ve done your Roulette treble up.

If the treble up won, you can request a withdrawal before you spin the wheel. The withdrawal will be processed as normal and you will have some bonus funds to be spent on Bingo, use these in the normal way and try to spend tem as fast as possible before any cash can be won. It’s unlikely that you’ll win enough from the bingo bonus to meet the minimum £30 withdrawal limit but any winnings you do make can be played on Blackjack or Roulette to try and hit the £30 minimum, once you do,  request another withdrawal as normal.

If your initial treble up lost, yo can choose to either wait until all your sign up bonus funds are spent and the games finished and any withdrawals have been processed or alternatively you can just spin the wheel prior to spending your bonus funds. We personally prefer to spin the wheel before spending bonus funds as this increases the chances of hitting the £30 minimum balance for withdrawal but if there are few games available  or you’re concerned about being able to spend all your bingo funds before you win any cash then you should wait until all bingo funds have been spent and any withdrawals requested.



Withdrawing from 15network

Although 15network don’t have any wagering requirement to release bingo funds they do have a wagering requirement prior to making your first withdrawal.

Before you can make a withdrawal you have to have spent £100 of cash. You can spend £100 however you wish and it doesn’t have to be in 1 go but Roulette and Blackjack are excluded. The £100 can either be spent on bingo tickets, jackpot bingo tickets, video bingo or slots. It doesn’t make a huge amount of difference but my personal preference is to spend it on slots with the lowest stake size the slot will allow, this should reduce variance.

In addition to this the minimum withdrawal is £30, if you want to make a withdrawal for less than £30 we suggest you either make another deposit to hit the £30 minimum balance or you play Blackjack to hit the minimum withdrawal.

Remember this is only required on the first withdrawal, if your treble up wins, you will still have to meet this Wager requirement and minimum withdrawal.

All 15etwork sites require you to send a copy of your ID and proof of address prior to first withdrawal due to anti money laundering legislation and some may require you to wait 48 hours from account to creation to first withdrawal.


15network regularly offer reload bonuses of anything from 20-300%. At 60% these can be profitable but due to the number that they offer I’d generally only take bonuses that are 100%+. For reload bonuses follow the same approach of trebling them up on roulette, if it wins withdraw,if it loses spend the bonus on bingo as quickly as you can.

When playing reload offers, make sure you input the promotional code correctly when making the deposit.

15network reload


To summarise playing 15network bonuses

1. Sign up & Deposit £20 with promo code (if required)

2. Place £8 on roulette treble up and £1 on the 12 corresponding numbers (£20 in total)

3a. If Roulette wins – make withdrawal (wagering on Slots to meet minimum withdrawal requirements)

3b. If Roulette loses – spend Bingo balance as fast as possible

4a. If balance is below the minimum to withdraw – spend on Blackjack to meet £30 minimum

What next?

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