This week has been relatively quiet in the 250to5k challenge, in the end we completed 14 bingo reloads across 5 different bingo companies, only ending up with a small profit, thanks again to a nice 15ntwork win.

In no particular order, we completed a Jackpotjoy £10 reload which as usual busted for a £10 loss, this was followed by 3 x B-Livegaming reloads (spread across both Bright Bingo and Bingo cams), 2 of these we bust out of but a small profit from the final one meant we only lost £50 across the 3 offers.

The company where we had most success this week was Virtue Fusion, we completed a Titan Bet £5 reload and ended up with a nice £35 profit, this was followed by a nice Beaky Bingo £20 reload which yielded another £21 profit.

Finally we come onto the staple that is 15network, this week we completed 5 reloads and was actually looking at a fairly sizeable loss until we hit a lovely £250 win. Without this win we’ve had been over £100 down.

Overall we’ve had a disappointing week, completing 14 offers and only making £83 profit. It’s not great but at least it moves us fractionally closer to the £5,000 target, which is still just out of reach.

As a side note, as you’re probably aware, this diary only covers play that I do with a friend. My personal play is not covered in the diary, this month I’ve suffered some horrific variance on my Roulette play. I’ve done some initial analysis on all my roulette play to compare EV vs Actual results, ever since I started Advantage Gambling, this covers over 1000 offers and £25,000 of Roulette spins. I initially did the analysis just for myself but if anyone is interested in the results please let me know in the comments below and I’ll either drop you an email or include in the next diary entry,


Profit for week 34

Bookies: £

Bingo: £83.28

Casinos: £0

Cashback: £0

Total: £83.28

Week 34 profit to date

To date this puts our stats at:

Bookmakers: £1461.12

Bingo: £2842.99

Casino: £121.15

Topcashback Tracked: £295.59

Topcashback NotTracked: £291.84

Total excluding Untracked Topcashback: £4720.85

Total Including Untracked Topcashback : £5012.69





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    1. Will do, I’m just finishing up week 35 of the diary but plan to publish the roulette results as a separate post shortly after

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