Today I thought I’d bring a slightly different type of post. The other day a friend asked me which my favourite bookie was. We ended up having a debate about which bookies we preferred over others, the beers we’d consumed prior to the discussion may have influenced our passion for it.

I should highlight that neither of us enjoy mug punting, both of us focus on matched betting so of course it gives us a slightly different perspective to your average punter.

The whole conversation got me thinking and as it’s coming up to christmas I thought I’d share my 12 favourite advantge gambling sites.

Many of these sites you’ll be familiar with but I expect there will be some surprises. They are all included for different reasons, some because they’re extremely profitable, some becuase they’re extremely useful and others for old times sake due to the incredible offers they run / used to run.


Note: I’ve not just stuck to bookies but have included a range of Advantage Gambling websites. I’m sure some will be new to people, some will hopefully be a useful reminder and some may even be a trip down memory lane for those who have been doing this for a few years as I allow myself to reminise on some of the best offers from my advantage gambling career,



There’s no where better to kick off this list with than Bet365. My most profitable bookie by a huge margin. I’m amazed I’ve kept my account for as long as I have and i’ve only recently been banned from all bonuses.

The 100% to £200 sign up offer was my first ‘big offer’ and gave a huge boost to my (at the time) limited bankroll. Bet365’s odds are always competitive and the regular offers have been one of the cashcows of my advantage gambling career.

Special mention to the risk free inplay offers that yield £30-£35 profit for a few minutes work and have been a consistent earner for years and the 4/1 offer (guide coming soon) one of the few offers to stand the test of time and still be as profitable today as it was when I first started. The loss of bonuses at Bet365 is probably the biggest loss I’ve suffered in my whole advantage gambling career.

If you’ve still got a Bet365 account, make the most of it!

William Hill

Continuing the theme of market leading bookies with an excellent reputation are the 2nd site on my list, William Hill. It’s not their competitive odds or range of offers that gets them added to the list but the frequency of their casino and Bingo offers.

They’ve been offering frequent excellent offers for years and I have articularly foind memories of their weekly risk free casino offers. Every Saturday I used to opt in then do a £5 spin on the slot machine. Almost every week I lost and a refund was credited to my account a few days after; but every now and then I hit a winner. will-hill-risk-free

You can get decent size wins when doing £5 spins!

Special mention should also be given to William Hill for an offer they did on the 2012 Champions League Final, both William Hill and Betfred did a promotion where they guaranteed to be the best odds on the match for a 1 hour window. There was a group of us who would bet at William Hill and lay it at the exchange (it was an arb as William Hill were best priced), then Betfred would increase there odds so we’d repeat the process there. William Hill would then increase their odds and the whole process would continue. We all ended up making a killing off the one match (the memories..!).


Next on the list is Smarkets, 1% commission when they first launched, no need to say more this was massive and saved hundreds (if not thousands of pounds). – Check out this post for more on the impact of commssion.



A slightly different site to the offers I’ve already listed but that doesn’t mean I like it less. One of the biggest time saving websites I’ve ever used. I’ve been a premium member for several years and the £8 a month it cost me has to be one of the most time saving expenses I;ve ever had.

The ability to save searches based on specific offers i.e. Horse rces on a specific day at specific sites saved me hours and enabled me to place far more bets on a Saturday afternoon than would otherwise have been possible.

A must have for anyone series about Matched betting.

Pinnacle Sports

This is one for memory lane (and anyone not based in the UK). Pinnacles (Pinnies) have for as long as I can remember had the most competitive odds and the highest limits. This used to be THE SITE that everyone signed up to. They offered no bonus but they didn’t need to the profits made from dutching them were huge.

Pinnacles were also one of the few sites to show the bet limits, these were based on the maximum you could bet on any one bet slip. You could repeat the maximum bet as many times as you like, when the traders felt they had too much exposure they’d just reduce the odds. I’ve never heard of anyone being limited or banned from Pinnies.

Pinnacle sports also has the honour of allowing the largest bet size I’ve ever seen. On the 2012 world cup final they were allowing bets of up to $3million without being referred to a trader!

The decision by Pinnacles to pull out of the UK market due to the gambling tax was a huge blow.

If anyone reading this is not UK based sign up to Pinnacles now!

I nearly forgot to mention, they also do 10-15 mins withdrawals back to Skrill!


Almost as good as pinnacles in every sense. Decent odds, high limits and a great site for dutching. This is a great alternative to Pinnacles for anyone who’s UK based. 188bet do some of the quickets skrill withdrawals on the whole market. I’ve had some withdrawals processed in under 10mins, making it a great place to keep excess float!

Click here to sign up to 188bet if you’ve not already got an account




This may be one of the surprises on the list and it earns it place solely due to 1 daily promotion. I’ve spent hours of my life logging into Jackpotjoy each day to play tiki challenge, click on a sqaure on the grid and hope you don’t get a boot. Get enough prizes and you got a free spin at the end of week,

It never made much profit but was a fun and regular game.

Tikkis catch of the day is still available and although there are minimum wagering requirements that must be completed in order to be eligible it’s well worth trying especially after you’ve completed the bonus (read about recent bonus experience here)

Costa Bingo

I’ve been trying to find my screenshot but so far have not been able to, Costa Bingo are on the list partially because they’re a Cassava site and I feel at least one should be included but more importantly becuase Costa Bingo was where I won my biggest Bingo jackpot (just over £1,600) I’ll never forget logging in on a Sunday morning and finding out I’d won £1,600 the previous weds.

I’m still shocked thinking about it now that for several days I had no idea I’d won such a large amount!

Sporting Bet

I doubt Sporting Bet would have made the list if it wasn’t for a crazy promotion they did a good few years ago. They did a one off 50% to £500 reload offer with a 1 x D + B WR (these are not typos). I literally deposited £1,000 into Sporting Bet, placed a couple of bets which I layed at Betfair and waited for the matches to settle. £400 profit in about 10 minutes, if only I could make that more regularly!

I’d still recommend Sporting Bet, they offer reasonable football odds and even some ongoing promotions, if you’ve not signed up already the £50 welcome offer is decent even if it does require a few bets.


Another site that only makes it onto the list for old times sake. They banned UK players a long time agp I expect for the reason I remember it most fondly.

interwettenInterwetten used to have outrageously big arbs, the limits were generally tiny (up to baout £80) but the arbs were so big and so frequent it was a case of using an odds comparison site to keep finding arbs until you ran out of cash at he site. Wait for the matches to settle then rinse and repeat.

Again if you’re based outside of the UK well worth signing up to. If you’re UK based you’re stuck either not knowing what you missed or reminiscing with me about the ‘ good old days’

The Gambling Times

One of my favourite forums on the internet, the community of people over at TGT taught me much, they held myhand as I progressed from the completely risk free mindset of MSE into the +EV mindset I have today.

Although the community is a little more ‘clicky’ now it’s still worth signing up.


Honorary mention to the network of sites that is 15network. I can’t single out any one site from the network but this group of sites has been my biggest continuos earner for the last couple of years. They recently changed their bonus structure making them significantly less profitable. A real shame given the hige ongoing profits that can be made from the regular reloads.

Watch this space to see what happens with the company, you never know maybe they’ll revert to the old bonus structure again (although I fear that’s wishful thinking!)


I’d love to hear what your favourite site is, please let me know in the comments below….