Many of you will remember Elliott from his guest post in November. Back then Elliott was 2 months into his Advantage Gambling career and had made £800 profit. Following the 250to5k challenge I reached out to Elliott to see if he wanted to write a follow up post.

It’s great to see the results that he’s got and I hope everyone reading finds it useful, especially noting how Elliott and I have followed completely different approaches but ended up similar profits (imagine if we’d combined them!)

Without further ado, here’s Elliott’s post:

So it’s been just over 9 months since I took the plunge and dived into the world of advantage gambling. It’s been a bumpy ride, with plenty of ups and downs, but the whole thing has blown my expectations out of the water, and opened me up to countless opportunities. I wouldn’t quite say it’s been life changing… but it has certainly made everything a bit easier. In 9 months, I’ve turned £140 of my own money, into over £5,000 What’s more is I’ve achieved this in my spare time, working around a full time job and an active social life.

My main focus up until now has been anything sports related as this is something that genuinely interests me. In the past I would throw money away betting on the weekend football, so to be able to do that and make a consistent profit has kept me very happy. I’ve got on as many offers as I can, whether they’ve made me £2 or £50 as I realised very quickly that it all adds up and those smaller amounts help limit losses on riskier offers that come with more variance. When it comes to casino offers, my risk tolerance has grown with my bank and where I started only touching the risk free; I now jump into anything up to £50, as long as it has a positive value.

That being said, there is nothing I hate more than losing. I still find myself reluctant to tackle offers I know will make me money long term, as the short term loss gets me so annoyed. If you read my earlier post on here, you will know that I’m no stranger to chasing a loss, and while I have not had any major slip ups since, I still find myself fighting the temptation. I really do believe that the most important aspect of all this is keeping a good mental discipline and many of the websites and groups out there fail to mention this. A few extra spins can spiral out of control very quickly.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, and I’ve had some really nice highlights. I made well over £250 on the first day of Cheltenham, over £300 on the Grand National weekend (with over £100 coming from the race alone) and hit some very nice slot wins using minimum stakes.


A very nice win off minimum stake bet!

If I was to name my most consistent earners off the top of my head, I would say bet 365 stands out as the clear winner. This would be followed by 888 Sport, who over the premier league season supplied me with a consistent £15+ free bet each week from one of their goals promotions. A little less known company called PocketWin (owned by mFortune) have also netted me over £200 from frequent bonuses such as deposit £3 for a £17 bonus which can be taken to roulette with a 1x wagering. In all honesty though, there have been many nice offers and it would require a completely new post to name them all.

I thought some of you may be interested to see what my earnings have looked like month to month, so I’ve included a small table below. Interestingly, before I started I would have been very happy with an extra 200 quid a month, so to see my lowest months above that is a testament to what can be done. It also should be said that EVERY month without fail I could have earnt more by putting more time in, making less mistakes, or having less punts. I’ve actually averaged over £550 a month.

Month Net Profit Bankroll
September £548.68 688.68
October £258.71 947.39
November £537.26 1484.65
December £731.50 2216.15
January £282.36 2498.51
February £299.86 2798.37
March £957.64 3756.01
April £895.07 4651.08
May £576.34 5227.42


I’m not entirely sure which direction to take going forwards as I’m finding myself with fewer and fewer bookies at my disposal (I’ve lost most of the main ones now). I think short term I will have to dive more into the bingo and casino offers, and may focus more on extra places with the horses. I have also been dabbling in a few trading techniques, looking into tipsters as an investment and even casting an eye over financial markets and investing. One things for sure though, each door that closes seems to open a new one and being a greedy guy… where there’s money to be made I’ll be sticking around.

Top tips:

  • Focus on yourself
  • Keep your discipline
  • Only risk what you can afford
  • Take breaks
  • Keep records

Thanks Elliott, it’s great to see the results you’ve got especially those March and April months, £900 a month is huge!

If anyone has any questions or if you found this post useful please let us know in the comments below.