What is Casino Cashback?

Casino cashback involves signing up to casinos through sites like Quidco and Topcashback that pay you cashback for signing up through them, then doing the minimum wagering required to trigger the cashback before withdrawing any remaining funds.

How is this profitable?

Many sites offer loss leader promotions where you get paid more cashback than the amount you deposited at the casino. The casinos are hoping that your losses will over time exceed the amount they pay in cashback.

Do I have to follow a complex betting pattern?

Short answer is no. If the cashback is higher than the amount you deposit no matter how you play you can’t lose. You can influence how much you win by playing in a way that minimises your losses while meeting the required wagering criteria to get cashback.

As an example if you play online slots you can expect to lose about 5-10% of the amount you wager, this is referred to as the casino’s house edge. If you choose to play Blackjack the house edge is normally around 0.3-1.1%, normally around 0.5%. This means that if you wager £100 on slots you can expect to lose £5 where as the same £100 wagered on Blackjack you can expect to lose about 50p. This is why Blackjack is the preferred game to play when profiting from Casino Cashback.

If you play blackjack perfectly (click here for a guide) the casino only has about 0.5% house edge, meaning that for every £100 you spend on Blackjack, statistically you should lose about 50p.

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Cashback offers change regularly so always check for your self what offers are available on Quidco and TopCashback, the list below should give an indication of the type of offers that are available. The expected loss is based on expecting to lose 0.5% of the amount bet by playing blackjack. All of these offers were available in January 2015 and most should still be available.

First 5 Casino cashback

From the first 5 casinos alone we expect to make over £300 profit from cashback. You could start this with £20 and wait for the cashback from each company prior to moving onto the next offer but cashback can take anything from a couple of weeks to many months to track and be paid to you. For this reason I recommend trying to start with at least a £100 float to enable multiple cashback offers to be completed while waiting for cashback to track.

Once you’ve done the first 5 you can move onto other cashback offers like those below.

Next 7 cashback casinosIf you took all these offers lowly and steadily you’d be looking at about £500 profit.

What’s the hidden catch?

There are no hidden catches but you should be aware of a few restrictions that some casinos have before they’ll credit cashback:

1. Minimum deposit amount – there is often a minimum amount that must be deposited, this must be done in 1 go and as your first deposit

2. Minimum wagering requirement – there is sometimes a minimum wagering requirement in addition to eh minimum deposit, this is an amount that you must bet before qualifying for cashback. for instance you might have to deposit £20 but wager £100

3. Make sure you are a new customer, cashback offers are for new customers only, if you’ve already got an account with the casino you’ll probably be ineligible for cashback

4. Other restrictions, some casinos have other restrictions like you can’t have an account with other specific sites owned by the same parent company. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before signing up.

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4 thoughts on “Casino Cashback

  1. These one off deals are great for quick wins! I think I got £45 from TCB for betfair once – which is great because I only had to spend £10 to get it. A MUCH better deal for me is the lifetime % cashback I’ve seen offered from a few places now, this means I get something back every month 🙂

    Google ‘gambling cashback’ a few results there. I use Gambling Deals.

  2. Where a site offers a casino and a sportsbook, do you know if you can claim both the cashback for the casino and the sign-up bonus for the sportsbook? I’ve had a look through the Ts&Cs for most of the main sites, but they’re not very clear about it. Have you been able to do both offers before? Great website btw!

    1. Unfortunately it depends, where the T&C’s say the sportsbook bonus is available ON FIRST DEPOSIT you’ll probably have problems but where the bonus is awarded following your FIRST BET you should be ok.

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