Before we jump into this post, we must highlight we’ve no affiliation with ultimatcher or “The_Goon”, we’ve used the spreadsheet extensively over the years which is why we recommend it. If you appreciate the spreadsheet please click the donate button o show your appreciation to “The_Goon“. The Advantage Gambler receives nothing from this donation, as always we recommend Ultimatcher because it’s the best at what it does.

What is Ultimatcher?

Ultimatcher (UM4) is a spreadsheet designed by ‘The_Goon” of moneysavingexpert to track matched betting activity. We personally use it to track not only matched betting but all advantage gambling.

What can you use Ultimatcher for?

At it’s simplest you can use Ultimatcher as a lay stake calculator but it’s also so much more than that. Once you’ve calculated your back and lay stake you can input all the bet details and click on “process bet”, the bet is then added to the pending tab, where you can see a list of all outstanding bets.

The individual bet tabs

On the bet tabs you can input all details about the bet your placing. Below is an example based on Man UTD v Liverpool.

Although it looks compllicated you actually only input:

  • Event details (event, date)
  • What you’re betting on (at Bookie 1 and at exchange / Bookie 2)
  • The Back details (Bookmaker, stake and odds)
  • The Lay details (Exchange and lay odds)
  • All other details are calculated including the Lay stake (which you can override to underlay or overlay if you wish) and the profit depending on the outcome.


Ultimatcher Bet TabOnce you’ve input all the details, click on process bet and the bet will be added to the pending bets tab.

Pending Bets Tab

The pending bets tab lists all thhe bets you have outstanding.

Ultimatcher Pending bets

As the evens settle you input the result of each bet and click process bet. Ultimatcher will then update all bookie balances and Wagering requirements on the bookies tab.

Ultimatcher Pending bets setled

Bookies tab

The bookies tab includes a list of all bookies, their current balances, pending bets, overall profit, wagering requirements and other useful information. This is all updated automaticallyy as bets are placed and settled and banking transactions made.

Ultimatcher bookies tab

When adding a bookie to Ultimatcher you can define the currency the account is in, it will normally be GBP but in some circumstances this may be EURO or USD. Ultimatcher automatically updates the exchange rate so when you’r calculting the lay stake across different currencies you can be sure you’re using the latest exchange rates.

Banking tab

The banking tab is used to input and track all banking transactions. It lists all bank accounts and current balances.


Ultimatcher Banking list of bank accounts

As well as bank accounts it also lists all transactions and is configured in such a way that when you input a deposit into a bookie all records are updated immediately however if you add a withdrawal from a bookie the bookie balance is updated but the bank account isn’t.  This is represented by the withdrawal being shaded in yellow to denote a pending withdrawl.

UM Banking bookie withdrawal pendingOnce the withdrawal reaches your bank acount you can populate the statement date, this will unshade te withdrawal and update the relevant bank account balance.

Ultimatcher Banking bookie withdrawal complete


Once the market has settled you go to the pending tab and input the result of each bet prior to clicking process bet. As the results are processed, balances at each bookmaker are updated to reflect the results.

Other Ultimatcher functionality


For more information on all the functionality that Ultimatcher offers including tracking cashback, laying multiples and 3 way dutches check out the instructions and download it from here. The instructions have not been updated for version 4 but here you can see the differences between v3 and v4 and here you can see the instructions for v3.

Ultimatcher can be complicated and intimidating at first but once you get used to it it’s arguably the most useful Advantage Gambling tool there is. If you’ve any questions please feel free to post in the comments below and I’ll answer where I can.


2 thoughts on “Ultimatcher

  1. Hi there,

    I have had a look at your spreadsheet on YOUTUBE and i like the look of it. You must have worked very hard to establish such a complex application and as I result I am more than happy to donate.

    Just need to check a few things.

    1) I am running windows 7
    2) where do i get the download
    3) how much would you think is a fair donation

    Paul Lewis

    1. Hi Paul,

      I wish I could take credit for the spreadsheet, it was designed by the_goon I just recommend it as it’s great for matched betting.

      You can download it from here:

      In terms of a donation, I couldn’t possibly say how much you should donate, whatever you think it’s worth. To be clear the donation will go to the_goon (the creator) and not to me. There is a link in the spreadsheet to donate directly to his paypal account.

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