Today we introduce The Advantage Gambler Matched betting calculator, a simple matched betting calculator that can be used to calculate profit and lay stakes

What can the Matched betting calculator calculate?

Let’s start off by highlighting this is not meant to offer every different bet type that you might encounter in your matched betting career (Check out Ultimatcher for this). Instead this is meant to be a simple back and lay calculator that calculates profit and lay stakes for straight back and lay bets

What Back and Lay stakes can be calculated?

The TAG Matched betting calculator can be used to calculate lay stakes and profit for:

  1. Qualifying bets
  2. Free stake not returned bets
  3. Free stake returned bets

How does the calculator work?

Simply put you input:

Back Stake and Back odds

Free stake details (if required)

Lay odds

The calculator will then calculate the amount of guaranteed profit / loss and your lay stake & lay risk (the amount you need to cover the bet at the exchange)

What software do I need to run the TAG Matched Betting calculator

The calculator was designed to run in any version of Microsoft Excel. If you’ve got Microsoft office then you will already have excel (starter version is sufficient).

If you’ve not got Microsoft office / Excel, you can download a free alternative open office, this doesn’t offer all the functionality of excel but does have enough to use this calculator.

Example 1 – a qualifying bet

Here’s an example of using the Matched betting calculator to calculate a qualifying bet lay stake. Here we’re using a £25 back bet and a 1.5 / 1.5 odds match.

£25 Back Bet 1.5 back odds 1.5 Lay odds
£25.86 Lay Stake has been calculated

Here we’ve input the £25 back stake and the 1.5 back and lay odds (these can of course be different). The calculator has worked out the lay stake based on a 5% exchange commission (this is the default but can be over typed).

You’ll also see the total profit at the bottom showing the profit / loss depending on if the back or lay bet wins.

Example 2 – a stake returned free bet

In this example we’ve used the same odds but this time noted the bet as been a free bet by putting £25 into the free bet field.

TAG Calculator Stake ReturnedYou can see that again the lay stake has been calculated and this time the bet statistics section is showing a profit rather than a loss (due to the free bet).

Final example – Stake NOT returned Freebet

For the final example we’ll show a Stake NOT returned free bet, for this example we need to input both a Free stake and a Stake forfeit. We’ve also increased the odds to 7/7 to be more reflective of the odds you’ll look for with an SNR bet.

TAG Calculator SNR

Again you can see that the lay stake has been calculated for you as well as the overall profit.

What is the lay risk?

So far we’ve not talked about the lay risk cell, this is your liability at the exchange and shows the amount you will need in your exchange account in order to cover this bet.

Where can I download The Advantage Gambler Matched Betting Calculator?

Click this link to download your own version of the TAG Matched Betting Calculator

What if I need more than this?

The TAG Matched betting calculator is meant to be simple, If you’re looking for more functionality check out Ultimatcher which allows you to calculate more complex bets and track all your bets and banking.

Comments / Questions

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