The world of Advantage Gambling can be complicated and we’re always getting asked questions, here we compile the questions that our guests have asked.

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 Are Casino Sign up offers worth doing?

Elliott S
How long have you been doing this
The Advantage Gambler
Hi Elliott, I started in the summer of 2009 (which feels like an age ago now), I’ve been on and off doing it since then (mainly on) and have tried a number of different things including casino’s (that I don’t really like) and bingo (that’s my best ongoing profit source)

Elliott S
How do I keep accounts open
The Advantage Gambler
Hi Elliott,

this is harder to answer, firstly I’ve lost a number of accounts but there are always new sites, I’ve signed up to over 300 now and there’s always new sites. – I think I’ve signed up to 3-4 already this football season. Secondly I never really arb, and I mainly focus on the offers that are emailed to me, I don’t do many of the ongoing offers on sites (like bet365 4/1) which I think helps to preserve the accounts. Having said this I accept that the accounts will be gone someday and I’m fine with that.

Matt from Cambridge
With regard to the casino section of your site, I noticed that it’s geared towards qualifying for the cashback accrued through signing up via cashback websites. I was wondering what your opinion was on the first deposit bonuses that most online casinos offer? I’m weighing up the pros and cons of playing through the wagering requirements in order to cash out the bonuses and I’m getting the impression that, even if playing a low house edge game like blackjack, the sheer number of hands you’d have to play at stakes low enough to negate the effect of variance in potentially causing you to lose more than you stand to gain makes it a largely pointless undertaking.
The Advantage Gambler
Hi Matt,

Glad you like the site. I’ve only currently published cashback offers but do have plans to publish more info on other casino offers it’s just finding the time (after my day job and my advantage gambling hobby it’s hard to find the time).

My next section will be straight risk free casino offers i.e. £5 risk free offers on slots. – These are a no brainer and definitely worth playing, if you win, you win, if you lose it gets refunded.

In terms of sign up offers, it’s hard to find offers that are profitable with flat betting i.e. £5 per hand on blackjack as the WR eats into the bonus profitability. There are 2 ways I know of to make these offers profitable.
1. Put the bonus on roulette first and try and treble up deposit and bonus (this is similar to the treble up approach in the bingo section of my site but instead of withdrawing winnings you play to meet the WR. – Casinos are increasingly stamping down on this approach by limiting the amount that can be placed on 1 bet.
2. The other approach is 2 tier betting, betting big at the start i.e. £10 slots spins with a view to either winning big (then grinding through WR) or busting out quickly (to save time)

Both of these approaches can be very profitable but the variance can be a killer. I know the approaches work but when you’ve dropped hundreds (or even thousands) in one session it’s hard to keep believing in the system.

In conclusion if you’ve got a huge bankroll and can stomach the variance you could give them a try but I’d personally stick with bingo / matched betting for starters.

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