Why do I care about odds comparison sites?

When you first start matched betting we highly recommend that you start off by manually search for odds that have a close match between the bookmaker and the exchange however as you gain in confidence you may wish to take advantage of some of the sites that have been set-up to either list odds from multiple bookmakers for one event or search odds for close matches across all bookmakers and odds.

What are the best odds comparison sites?

If you’re searching for a qualifying bet on football we highly recommend the following sites:



Both sites allow you to filter by bookmaker and minimum odds, they will then trawl the bookmakers and exchanges to find odds that are close across both of them, an invaluable timesaver for those who are serious about matched betting.

odds comparison sites

We’ve found that freebets4all have more up to date odds (unless you have oddsmonkey premium account which is well worth the money) but oddsmonkey covers a larger range of bookmakers and bet types. I personally check both when I’m looking for a good match.

Both sites are completely free so there’s no reason not to check them out.

Oddsmonkey has a paid option giving more recent matches and arbs which is well worth it if you’re into Arbitrage, £15 a month investment is nothing in comparison to the profits you’ll be making.

You can use either site to find Stake Not returned bets but I’d personally focus on Odds Monkey as they include Correct Score & HTFT markets which tend to be at more suitable odds for SNR bets.

Update: Since odds monkey added Smarkets to the list of exchanges we’ve found ourselves moving more and more towards using odds monkey for all odds comparison.

Are there any other sites?

Another site we use for odds comparison purposes is Best Betting, it’s slightly different from oddsmonkey and freebets4all because you search by event rather than by bookmaker.

For instance if you were to select Liverpool v Man UTD correct score Best betting would list the odds for all correct score bets on this match at a wide range of bookies including betfair. You can then look down the list to find a close match to betfair.

If the site you’re using is not on bestbetting then it can still be a useful tool. If you can find a result that has close odds between betfair and a number of different bookies it means the market is out of line and it’s likely the odds will be competitive at the site you’re playing at.

Are there dutching odds comparison sites?

Some of the odds comparison sites offer dutching tools that look for matches on the Asian handicap markets, if you’re going to use these make sure you understand the bets you’re placing and don;t just blindly follow the odds comparison sites.

Oddsmonkey also has an autodutcher for finding dutching bets, by saving on commission much better matches can be found. If you’re interested in dutching check out or guide to dutching.

If you’re serious about dutching the beatbookies offers a huge range of dutches that are very up to date and cover a huge range of markets and bookmakers, there is a 49euro per month fee but if you’re into arb’ing this is easily recouped.

Given all these sites which would you recommend I actually sign up to?

Here I’ll try and keep it simple:

If you’re experimenting with Matched Betting use freebets4all and sign up for a free oddsmonkey account

If you’re serious about matched betting particularly the ongoing offers use oddsmonkey

December 2016 update:

Oddsmonkey have recently released some new calculators specifically targeting reload offers, these include an accumulator calculator that I’ll be testing out shortly. Early view is that the premium membership is worth it for this alone!

What odds comparison sites do you use?

If there’s a good odds comparison site that you use please let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure to check it out and add it to the site.

5 thoughts on “Odds Comparison Sites

  1. Most awesome betting site so far, you get to the detail I’m after and very well explained. I’m registering to offers from your site, hopefully you’ll get some deserved referrals $$ 🙂
    What do you think of Bank of Bets?

    1. Glad you like the site, let me know if you need any assistance…

      Re Bank of Bets I’ve not really got any experience of them, from what I can see the offer a fairly standard list of sites and instructions for how to profit from matched betting. As long as it’s free (which I’m not sure if it is or not) then it’s a ‘no brainer’ to sign up as you might learn something new. – Personally I’m not sure I’d pay for information that’s free elsewhere, like here 🙂

      Would you mind doing a favour, if you do sign up to bank of bets could you post a quick comment here and let us all know how you find it? – if it’s useful I could do a more in depth review of it for all readers.

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