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Here’s a list of the key tools and resources that we use for match betting (click to go the appropriate page)

Odds Comparison – Want a quick way to find a close match or the top odds on a specific selection, check out our odds comparison pages. – Probably the biggest timesaver of any Matched Betting tool.

Lay Stake Calculator – Use our simple lay stake calculator to calculate how much to lay to generate equal profit what ever the outcome.

Easily Capture screenshots – When checking Terms and Conditions and even placing bets it can be worth taking screenshots, this way you can refer back to them in the event of any queries or disputes. Fireshot is a tool that with one click it will screenshot and save an entire web page (not just the visible area). Best of all it’s free.

Passwords – Lastpass is the best tool for saving all your usernames and passwords, they’re encrypted and protected by a master password. Lastpass can be easily configured to automaticallyy sign you in to a webssite when you navigate to it or to populate the username and pssword so you can login

Form filing – If you take up advantage gambling you will have to sign up to lots of sites, this can be a time consuming process. Lastpass has a form fill option, input all your details into lastpass and witha  couple of clicks you can populate sign up forms, another excellent timesaver.

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