What are Stake Returned Free betse

Stake returned free bets are free bets where your stake is returned along with any winnings. For instance if you placed a £10 Stake Returned Free bet at odds of 3.5 and it won you would get £35 back, unlike Stake Not Returned bets where you would only get the winnings i.e. £25 back.

Stake returned and Stake Not Returned free bets

There are many different types of Stake Returned free bets that should all be played slightly differently.Many stake returned free bets have some form of wagering requirement attached to them, this is an amount that has to be bet before winnings from the free bet can be withdrawn. These often include minimum odds that you must bet above for the bet to count towards the wagering requirement (WR).

As a general rule the lower the odds, the closer the odds are likely to be between the Bookmaker and the Exchange and the less you lose each time you turn the bonus over. The exception to this is if you’re looking to Underlay the bet.

What are the different types of Stake Returned Free bets?

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  1. Stake Returned no Wagering Requirement
  2. Stake Returned Bonus on deposit
  3. Stake Returned Bonus on qualifier
  4. Stake returned bonus on qualifier
  5. Stake Returned Post Rollover Bonus



Stake Returned No Wager requirement

The simplest free bet is a Stake Returned free bet with no wager requirement. These are extremely rare but are the easiest to understand. Generally you will have to place a qualifying bet above certain odds which is then matched with a Free bet.

For instance a typical offer is bet £25 at odds of 2.0 plus to get a £25 free bet. For this example we’ll assume odds of 2.0 at both the bookmaker and the exchange.

Stake returned free bets

Whatever the result of the match we’ve broken even. We then place the free bet in exactly the same way, again at odds of 2.0 at the bookmaker and 2.0 at the exchange

SR 2

Again whatever the result we end up £25 up overall. This is the simplest type of offer that is available but unfortunately is becoming increasingly rare.

Many offers follow a similar ‘stake returned’ approach but they almost all have some form of wagering requirement attached to them, the wagering requirement means there is often far more effective ways to play the bonuses for maximum profit, the approach is dependent on when the bonus is credited.


Stake Returned Bonus on Deposit

This type of bonus is awarded when you make a deposit or enter a specific promo code, the key is that it’s not dependant on any bets being placed. Any bonus that you can receive prior to placing any bets can be played in this way.

The key is to underlay, if you’re not familiar with this we strongly suggest you read our guide to underlaying before you do too many Stake Returned bonuses.

The trick with this type of bonus is to bet your full balance including bonus on your first bet (and lay it at the exchange). If the bet loses at the Bookie the bonus is complete and no further wagering is required (if your balance reaches zero any remaining wagering requirement is removed). If however the bet wins at the bookie you will have to make further bets to complete the wagering requirement.

We like to ensure that the first bet generates additional profit if it wins at the Bookmaker to cover the small loses and additional time we will have take completing the wagering requirement. This is done by Underlaying the first bet.

This is done by Underlaying the first bet.

As an example let’s assume we have a 100% bonus to £200 that must be bet 6 times at odds of 2.0+ (£1200 WR)

Stake returned free bet with wagering requirement

We make a £200 deposit and instantly receive a £200 bonus so we now have a £400 balance. Our recommendation would be to find a close match between the bookie and exchange at odds of 3-4. We tend to review the draw market on top flight leagues to find this.

For the example we’ll assume 5% commission and that we find a 3.5/3.6 odds match between the bookie and the exchange. We’d make a significant underlay and look to lay about £360 at the exchange

Underlaying stake refurned free bets

If the bet wins at the bookmaker we have an additional £64 profit to complete the wagering requirement with. If the bet wins at the exchange we’ve lost some of the bonus but still have a healthy overall profit from the bonus

Underlayaing gurantees equal profit what ever the result

For more on calculating underlays and the effect different odds have, check out the underlaying guide

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Stake Returned Bonus on Qualifier Placement

Some sites offer bonuses that become available once you’ve placed your qualifier. If this is the case then you should follow the same approach as Stake Returned Bonus on deposit offers with a slight difference.

The only difference is that because you don’t get the bonus on deposit you have to split this into 2 seperate back bets. Place the first back bet and lay it to avoid any mistakes, you will then receive the free bet which can be placed ON THE SAME BET and again layed at the exchange.  Your now in a position where you’ve put your full balance including bonus on one bet and can therefore make maximum use of an Underlay.

We’ll use the same example as for the Bonus on deposit offers. a

Because the bonus is credited when you PLACE your qualifying bet follow the same underlay approach as for Bonus on deposit offers 100% bonus to £200, 6 x deposit WR above 2.0.

stake returned free bet when qualifier is placed

We’ll use odds of  3.5 at the bookie and 3.6 at the exchange (5% commission) but this time split it into two bets. The first will be £200 back bet at the bookmaker with £197.18 layed at the exchange.

free bet on qualifier placement betting with deposit

We’ve calculated the lay stake based on an amount that gives equal profit for any result, this allows us to control the underlay with the 2nd bet.

Once this bet is placed we get credited with the free bet, which we place on the SAME RESULT but this time we underlay it. We place the £200 back bet at 3.5 but this time lay £162.82 at 3.6 on the exchange

free bet on qualifier placement betting with bonus

By combining both the back bets and both the lay bets we can see the overall result is the same as for the bonus on deposit offer

free bet on qualifier placement betting with deposit


Stake Returned Bonus when Qualifier settles

The key difference between these bonuses and those that award the bonus on deposit or qualifier placement is that because the bonus is only awarded once you’re qualifier is settled underlaying is of less benefit.

I do personally still slightly underlay my qualifying bet so that I make a small profit if the bookmaker bet wins, this is because:

If the bookmaker bet wins – I have a balance and bonus at the bookmaker and will probably need to complete the WR If the exchange bet wins I only have the bonus at the bookmaker, the bonus is likely to be an amount that I can underlay when I place.

Stake returned bonus when qualifying bet settles

If I didn’t underlay I’d always be rooting for the exchange bet to win but by underlaying and making extra profit if the bookmaker bet wins I can remain neutral and have no preference regarding the result.


When it comes to completing any wager requirement as part of this bonus I’d follow the approach of underlaying if I can place my full balance on one bet, how much I underlay by is dependant on how much I expect to lose completing any remaining WR. If I can’t place my full balance I’ll look to balance the size of my bets against my bankroll in order to avoid a winning streak at the bookmaker causing me to not be able to lay future bets at the exchange.



There can be a variety of reasons why you might not want to bet your full balance in one go, these can include:

Bankroll limitations – at the start you may not have enough bankroll to be placing 3-4 figure bets Lack of confidence – at the start you may not be comfortable placing large bets in case you make a mistake Lack of liquidity at the exchange – sometimes there is not enough liquidity at the exchange to make betting your full balance viable Cashflow challenges, – betting your full balance can cause large balances to accumulate at the bookie, this money is the tied up until the WR is complete and deposits can be processed, sometimes you just want to avoid tying up your money.


All of these are valid reasons and when it comes to underlaying and overlaying it’s as much an art as a science you need to experiment and work out what’s best for you. As a guiding principle I like to propose an underlay and then decide which result I’d rather happen, if I have a preference I’ll increase or decrease my lay stake appropriately until I reach a point where I don’t case what the result is.

Stake Returned Post Rollover Bonus

What is a Post Rollover bonus?

Stake returned bonuses have a minimum amount that must be bet prior to being able to withdraw the bonus, this is called a wager requirement.

You can find the wager requirement (WR) in the terms and conditions of the bonus and is normally displayed as a multiple of deposit and / or bonus amount. For instance you may get a 50% to £50 bonus with a 3 x deposit + bonus wager requirement, i.e.

£100 deposit + £50 bonus = £150

3 x WR – 3 x £150 = £450

A post rollover bonus is a bonus that is granted once a wagering requirement has been met. For instance you might get a 100% bonus to £50 with a 6x Bonus WR. This means that once you’ve spent £300 (6 x £50) you will be awarded the £50 bonus.

The bonus is often credited as cash and can be withdrawn however you run the risk of being be flagged as a bonus abuser and we therefore recommend you bet the bonus through at least once prior to withdrawing it.

Unfortunately there are no techniques that can be employed to increase the profit of a post rollover bonus other than looking for close matches with the exchange.

We tend to use a fairly straight forward approach of finding close matches then placing bets so that we get the same profit (or loss) whatever the result of the match.We will occasionally tailor this if we’re building up a large balance by underlaying but generally we look for even return whatever the result.

Should I re-deposit?

Post Rollover bonuses are the only type that are worth re-depositing for. If you lose all your balance at the bookmaker for a post rollover bonus you should definitely re-deposit.

If the bonus had a 6 x WR originally and you’ve lost your balance then you are already part way through the WR to get the bonus.If the bonus was worth doing with the full wagering requirement then it’s definitely worth doing with the remaining wagering requirement.

How to find out if it’s a post rollover bonus

The only sure way to find out if a bonus is post rollover is to check the terms and conditions. Here was have a copy of the T&C’s for Cashpoint

Cashpoint bonus T&C'sYou can clearly see in clause 9 that the bonus will not be payable until the bonus conditions are met i.e. the deposited amount has been “turned around 8 time at minimum odds of 2.0

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