Matched Betting Bonuses

Different bookmakers offer different types of Matched betting bonuses but they broadly fall into 4 categories:

Stake Returned – the stake is returned along with any winnings

Stake not returned – the return is winnings only, the stake is not returned

Refund – You get the bonus if your bet loses

Bonus winnings – Extra winnings if your bet wins

Most guides will just give you blanket instructions to bet Stake Returned at as low odds as possible and bet Stake Not Returned and Refunds at odds of 7+, we want to go a step further than this.

Once you start Matched Betting you’ll find that for example there are actually 5 different types of stake returned bonus, all of which should be played in a slightly different way.


Stake Returned

Stake returned bonuses include all forms of bonus where the bookie gives you a bonus to bet with. If the bet wins the stake is including in the returns in the same way that a typical bet would.

There are a number of different kinds of stake returned bets that should all be bet in a slightly different way to maximise profits.

  1. Stake Returned no Wagering Requirement
  2. Stake Returned Bonus on deposit
  3. Stake Returned Bonus on qualifier placement
  4. Stake returned bonus on qualifier settlement
  5. Stake Returned Post Roll-over Bonus
  6. Multiples / Accumulator Bonuses

Click here for more information on the different Stake returned bonuses

Stake Not Returned

Some bonuses don’t include the stake with your winnings, these are referred to as Stake Not Returned (SNR) free bets. Most SNR bets follow a standard process but occasionally you will encounter other forms as you progress with your advantage gambling career:

  1. Stake not returned bonus
  2. Sticky Bonus
  3. Stake Not returned bonus with winnings WR

Click here for more information on the different Stake not returned bonuses

Bonus Refunds | Risk Free bets

Some companies instead of offering a freebet offer a refund if you’re first bet loses, check out the different types of refund offer below. These are especially popular as ongoing regular promotions so although they can take a bit of work to understand they can provide an ongoing source of advantage gambling income.

  1. Cash Refund on Lose
  2. Free bet Refund on Lose
  3. Refund If

Click here for more information on refund offers.

Bonus Winnings

  1. Free bet on Win (Bet365 4/1 offer)
  2. Double Delight


How to identify the type of matched betting bonus?

There are generally 3 ways you can identify the type of bonus:

  1. Based on the advertising – This focuses on the freebet and often won’t include the type of Freebet USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
  2. Speak to customer services – Customer Services at some sites are good but at others they can be less knowledgeable and have been known to give inaccurate information. My recommendation is speak to Customer Services to get a link to the bonus terms and conditions only
  3. Read the terms and conditions – The only sure fire way to fully understand the bonus


Terms and conditions vary, on some sites there is a link under the advertisement to the bonus terms and conditions where as on others you have to go through the whole sites T&C’s, don’t be daunted by going through them , you’ll only be interested in the bonus section so use Control + F to search for the bonus part.

Once you’ve found the matched betting bonuses terms and conditions here are some key things you want to look for:

Is the stake returned – this is indicated by a phrase like “stake is not included with returns from free bet” or “free bet is winnings only”

What is the wagering requirement – this will be displayed as a multiple of deposit and / or bonus

Minimum odds to qualify for bonus / meet wagering requirements

Lesser or risk / win – this is a term you will come across at US facing bookies when looking at contributions towards WR. It basically means if you’re bet is at odds of under 2, the contribution towards the WR will be the amount that you can win from the bet, not your back stake.

These are a guide only and actual wording will vary from site to site, if you don’t understand any of the terms contact customer services for clarification.







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