Refund If offers

Many sports book bonuses involve some form of refund. This is typically in one of two different forms:

  1. Refund if your bet losses you get it either as cash or as a free bet
  2. Refund if’ bonuses a certain event occur

Generally the first type (where losing bets are refunded) is offered as a sign up bonus. You can read how to maximise profit for that here.

The 2nd type don’t tend to be offered as sign up bonuses, instead they’re generally ongoing promotions, in some cases offered every weekend on all matches.

Any offer that is profitable and can be repeated can become a cash cow for Matched Bettors and refund if offers are no exception, they should however be played with caution.


How does a Refund If offer work

There are a number of different variations but the most popular works by refunding you’re bet if it loses and a specific event happens.

One example of this is the “Refund if your player scores 2nd” this is quite a typical offer whereby if you place a bet on the first goalscorer market and it loses, it will be refunded if your selection scores the 2nd goal of the game. This specific offer is hard to profit from unless you follow the match in play.

If you’re following the match in play then once the first goal has been scored you can lay your FGS Bet on the ‘next to score market’ to lock in profits. As this involves betting in play on markets that often have low liquidity and odds that tend to move quickly I’d only recommend this to experienced match bettors.

What other refund if offers are there?

Another increasingly popular offer is a refund if the match ends 0-0, known as the bore draw. This is typically restricted to bets placed on the correct score, HT/FT  and first goal scorer markets. If you can find a decent match these can be extremely profitable.

How to play a ‘refund if’ offer?

The bets way to play these is to find a close odds match with the exchange, place your back and lay bets in the normal way then place an addtional lay bet on the event that offers a refund.


You must make sure your bets are mutually exclusive i.e. that they can’t both happen. If you were to place a Draw/Draw bet on the HT/FT bet marketyou wouln’t receive the refund as your qualifying bet had one. This could provie paritcularly costly if you layed 0-0 as you’d lose at the exchange without getting the expected refund.

This sounds complicated but once you get you’re head round it it’s actually very simple, just make sure that it’s not possible for both the qualifying bet and the refund trigger to happen during the same match.

I find the simplest way of doing this is to place my qualifying bets on the correct score markets. Bore draw is straight forward, I just make sure my qualifying bet is not on 0-0. If it’s a refund if a specific player scores I make sure my qualifying bet is on a correct score result that involves their team not scoring.

Are they really worth doing?

Finding matches can take a bit of practice and it can be tricky to find close matches but it’s worth persevering as these can be very profitable especially if combined with offer ongoing offers and arb’s to get combined commission bonuses. There are a number of sites that offer this on every match and there are thousands each season!

How to maximise profit from the offers?

Remember that the profit from these offers is based on 2 factors, how close a match you can get on the qualifier and how low the lay stake is on the trigger i..e the player to score.

Although the close qualifying match is important I tend to start with the odds of the refund happening, the lower the odds of the refund the better the chances of making a decent profit. For instance occasionally you’ll get a refund if it’s a draw promotion (priced at 3.5-5.0), this will typically be more profitable than a promotion that offers a refund is a specific player scores (generally 7.0-20.0).



How to calculate the stake amounts

Probably unsurprisingly my preferred way is to use Ultimatcher to calculate stake amounts. It can of course be done manually by treating the refund amount as the return if it wins at the bookie and laying appropriately.

My preference for speed and ease is just to use Ultimatcher, here’s an example, note I’ve cropped it and hidden some rows to make it fit onto a page. If you’ve experience of Ultimatcher this should be enough but if you need any support please comment below.


Note: In the example I’ve used odds that are ok but not great and a 5% commission rate. If you can find lower odds on the refund trigger and reduced commission through using smarkets you’ll boost your profits significantly.

Final word of caution, watch our for the type of refund, sometimes it’s a cash refund whereas other times it’s a free bet refund. If it’s a free bet refund you should work on only getting 70-75% of it back as cash as it will probably bet stake not returned (SNR)

Where to find refund if offers

There are loads of sites that offer them, my recommendation is to sign up to the following, you should then get fairly regular emails about them





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