What is double delight / hatrick heaven?

Betfred were the first to offer the  Double Delight promotion but has been swiftly followed by many of the more well known bookies, this has now become one of the most popuiar regular promotions.

The idea is relatively simple if you have a winning bet on a player to be first goal scorer then they go on to score again the odds are doubled, and trebled if they score a hatrick

This is easiest to demonstrate with an example:


Decimals or Fractions

You’ll notice in the example that I’ve used fractions rather than my normal decimal format. When doubling and trebling odds I prefer fractions as the stake is not doubled / trebled/ If we were tp use decimals it would be 5.0. 9.0, 13.0 much harder to follow.

How good is Double Delight / Hatrick heaven?

The value is in the frequency of the offer, with so many bookies offering the promotion (or a variation of it) you can find the offer available on most major league matches and it can be very profitable if players do go on to score a 2nd / 3rd goal. The example above was based on 4/1 first goal scorer odds. If that had been 10/1, you’d be looking at a 30/1 payout for a hatrick.

Is this a risk free offer?

As regular readers will know I tend to focus on offers that are either no risk or where the player has a statistical advantage in the long run. This offer falls firmly into the 2nd of these. If you find close matches the offer can be low / no risk but it’s more likely that you’ll experience small losses on an ongoing basis whch are offset when the offer ‘hits’.

Can I lay this offer at the exchange?

The short answer is yes and no. A first goal scorer bet can be layed in the usual way at the exchange and if you’re following the game inplay you can make use of this and the ‘next to score’ market to generate great profits.

Whatever you do DON’T lay the to score 2 or to score a hatrick markets.

On the surface they look like a great way to lock in profit but if the player doesn’t score first but does go on to score 2 or 3 you could be seriously out of pocket!

Remember a player can score 2 or 3 goals without being the first goalscorer in which case you WILL NOT receive the enhanced payout


How much should I lay?

There are lots of different ways to lay this offer at the exchange. The simplest is just to follow the normal matched betting principle and lay an amount that generates the same profit whether the first goal scorer bet wins or loses.

Equal profit / loss whatever the first goal scorer result

Although this is the simplest I prefer a different approach….

My preference is to do a full underlay, laying an amount which means if the lay bet wins I make no profit or loss.


By using this approach if the first goal scorer bet loses (which happens most of the time) I breakeven. If the player is the first goal scorer then I make a small loss, unless they go onto score a 2nd / 3rd at which point I make a huge profit.

Based on this approach I make the following profit:

Not first goalscorer : £0

First goalscorer (1 goal): -£2.12

First goalscorer (2 goals): £37.88

First goalscorer (3 goals): £77.88


How to find close matches?

Increasingly odds comparion sites are including first goal scorer markets in their odds scraping. I’ve always used oddsmonkey which allows you to save a filter. I use this to filter for first goal scorer matches at all the bookies who offer it.

Of course you could always manually search but close FGS matches can be hard to find so I’d recommend using an odds comparison site.

What else do I need to know?

The final thing that is worth highlighting is that the profit from DD & HH offers can be boosted significantly by combining commissions. The first goal scorer market is perfect for combining commission and liabilities as you can easily place back bets at multiple bookies on different players in the same match. If any of them are the FGS you’ll get a nice commission bonus, this can really add up.

What bookies offer double delight?

There are loads of bookies that offer double delight, I’d start off with making sure you’re signed up to the following as all of them offer / have been known to offer this promotion:

  1. Betfred
  2. Ladbrokes
  3. Stan James
  4. William Hill
  5. Totesport
  6. Paddy Power
  7. Boyle Sports


Please leave questions in the comments below and I or one of the regulars will answer them as soon as possible..!



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