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Hi, I’m Matt The Advantage Gambler and I turned £250 into over £30,000 using a simple risk free system. I continue to make hundred’s of pounds every month which is a nice supplement to my full time job.

I’ve decided to move onto other challenges and feel the time is right to share this knowledge with others who might find a few extra quid useful. This is not a get rich quick scheme this is a way of making a consistent £10-£100 per hour ‘working’ from home on your computer. It’s simple and generally risk free but to make serious money it does take some time.

What is this NOT?

– We don’t Cheat (our system complies with all regulations)

– We don’t card count or rely on history (our system is much easier)

– We don’t use some kind of progressive system (because they don’t work!)

– We don’t Gamble (Gamblers lose, we use controlled processes to win)

How does it all work?

We use Free bets and promotions coupled with controlled Betting and Casino & Bingo play to gain an advantage over Bookmakers, Casinos and Online Bingo sites.


But the Casino always wins!

The phrase the House always wins is not completely wrong, if you walk into a Casino and play any game for long enough you will lose, this is also true online. Most Gambling sites offer bonuses to entice customers to join in the hope that they’ll lose more than the cost of the bonuses. We use these bonuses to guarantee profits.

If you’re still not convinced here’s an article from The Guardian Newspaper about one of their reporters who tried this system out. He made £770 but could have made a lot more.Guardian Matched Betting Advantage Gambling

Here’s an example..

We’ll use a simple bookmaker offer as an example. Bookmakers offer free bets to entice customers to bet with them, these typically take the form of bet an amount and get the same amount as a freebet. We’re going to use a simplified example to illustrate how it works, for more detail check out our guide to matched betting.

Imagine a tennis match with odds of Evens (2.0) on each player with bookmaker A offering a free £50 bet when a £50 bet is placed.

At bookmaker A we bet £50 on player A to win and at bookmaker B we bet £50 on player B to win.

Qualifying Bet £50 on each player at evens

Whatever the result of the match we will have £100 return at one of the bookmakers so have lost no money but have gained a freebet.

Results of qualifying bet - we get £100 back whatever the outcome

We then find another tennis match with odds of evens on each player and repeat the process this time using the freebet at bookmaker A

At Bookmaker A we place the freebet: £50 and at Bookmaker B we bet with our own money: £50.

Freebet placed

Whatever the result of the match we will have a £100 balance but have only spent £50 due to the freebet we’re therefore £50 ‘up’ overall.

Whatever the result we get £100 back and are £50 up

Whatever the results of the matches we gain £50 profit!

By covering all the outcomes and using free bets profit from bookmakers can be guaranteed, this is known as matched betting.Tennis has been used for illustrative purposes only, typically matched betting is done on Football or other team games, for more information check out our introduction to matched betting and things to be aware of when betting on Tennis

Matched Betting is generally the best starting point for advantage gambling due to:

1. Low risk

2. Same profit what ever the outcome

3. Low variance (variance is discussed in more detail here)

This concept was discussed in an article in the guardian newspaper in 2010, where a guardian reporter was able to make over £700 risk free in 5 weeks.

He took advantage 31 bookmakers offers, there are 100’s of bookmakers and more open every month so this can soon add up to £1000’s there are even case studies online of people who have made over £100,000 matched betting.

Matched betting is the least risky of all the advantage play techniques we discuss as it’s the only game where we can cover all the outcomes to equalise profits whatever the result.

All other advantage play involves stacking the odds in the players favour. By using Casino and Bingo bonuses and betting in a calculated way we can ensure that the player has an advantage over the casino or bingo site.

We only advertise offers that we can mathematically prove can be played in such a way that the player has an advantage.


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Before you delve into the world of advantage play we strongly recommend that you read our guides:

1. An introduction to Matched Betting

2. An introduction to Casino bagging

3. How to win at Bingo

We also recommend you:

– Set-up a new email address (you will get a lot of emails, it’s much easier if they all go to a separate account!)

– Sign up to Skrill (with your new email address), this is an e-wallet (similar to paypal) that enables you to quickly and easily transfer money to and from Casinos and bookmakers.

Read our guides:

1. An introduction to Matched Betting

2. An introduction to Casino bagging

3. How to win at Bingo

These are intentionally repeated to emphasise how important it is to understand what you’re doing. You can of course play at any of the sites we recommend as a normal punter if you just want the thrill if the gamble. In the advantage play world this is referred to as mug punting, why gamble when the house has an advantage when you can swing the advantage in your favour!


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All information on the site is free however we do have operating costs and have therefore included affiliate links to sites we personally use ourselves this enables us to invest in the maintenance and development of the site.

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